Shipwrecked in the New World

"America is a place where the old world shipwrecked…" Charles Simic, Dime Store Alchemy
The Shipwrecked Series is a personal response to a collective loss of memory and disengagement from the past. This body of work is inspired by fragments of history, both recent and ancestral, left behind by the generations of immigrants who came to the New World in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Stretching across time as well as continents, these paintings/collages convey a feeling of mystery and nostalgia for a past that was obscured by the search for an ephemeral American dream. While some pieces incorporate anonymous images that I found at flea markets and garage sales, others are based on photographs that I took while traveling through Croatia, where both of my parents were born. The abstract paintings were inspired by memories that can no longer be recalled visually or even described in words, but continue to exist in an emotional form.

  • Marilyn Cvitanic